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Daniel Ángel Romero Senior editor

EZConvert is a program that can edit and convert subtitles between many formats.

The program can import subtitles in any format, including those generated by any authoring system, and can convert to any other format. It also allows you to change the settings of the subtitle, like the safe area bounds, alignment, font, spacing, size, effects and presentation style.
It is also possible to choose between the Open/DVD, Teletext or Closed Caption project types. EZConvert can edit your project to be compatible with any video format and aspect ratio. The program will show you how the subtitles will look when converted in a frame on the left of the interface, and a list with the lines on the right. It has an interesting tool, that can fix subtitle errors just by selecting the range in which you want to apply the fixing, and what must be fixed. It is also possible to export the subtitles to image files, in BMP, TIF or PNG formats.

The trial version of this program will import just the first twenty five lines of any subtitle.


  • It supports a lot of formats.


  • None.
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